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Actionable, connected, & meaningful sessions that engage and inspire

Consulting & Speaking Topics:

  • Cultivating Global Awareness

  • Cultural Competency through Literature

  • Raising Culturally Curious Kids

  • Shattering Single-Story Narratives

  • Authenticity in Storytelling

Tapping into her science background and love of storytelling, Bunmi uses data and personal stories to communicate complex issues around diversity and inclusion, and arms her audience with actionable items and practicable tools they can immediately implement into their daily lives. 

As a student of authenticity and vulnerability, Bunmi studies the teachings of experts, such as, Brene Brown, Pema Chodron, and Gay Hendericks incorporating these lessons into daily life. She brings all this to her teaching. 

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Book Bunmi to Speak

Bunmi Emenanjo Author Kirkus Starred Review


Now Available!

In Bunmi's debut book, I'll See You in Ijebu, we meet a Catholic girl growing up in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria who takes a trip to spend a week with her Muslim extended family in the countryside town of Ijebu to celebrate Eid al-Adha. Her days in Ijebu are filled with celebrations, traditions and special time connecting with family.


Featured on "The Today Show's Read with Jenna Book Club," the breathtaking illustrations for the book are by Diana Ejaita and combine beautifully with Bunmi's poetic writing. Readers are drawn into the sensory experience of celebrating Eid in Nigeria, and a detailed appendix includes information about Nigeria and Eid al-Adha, a recipe for Nigerian puff puff, and more.


I'll See You in Ijebu is a book that celebrates diversity and the connection between generations. Order the book today!

I'll See You in Ijebu Bunmi Emenanjo Author Kirkus Starred Review
I'll See You in Ijebu Bunmi Emenanjo Author Kirkus Starred Review
I'll See You in Ijebu Bunmi Emenanjo Author Kirkus Starred Review




Author, lawyer, entrepreneur, public speaker, and curator of globally diverse children’s literature. Born in the United States and raised in Nigeria, Bunmi Emenanjo was exposed at a young age to stories from around the world - from the works of Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka, to Shakespeare and Arabian Nights.


Bunmi’s childhood and culture inspire her writing and her work as a curator of diverse and inclusive children’s books. 


An avid reader and culture seeker, Bunmi believes a curious mind, a fearless pursuit of purpose, and an active practice of giving and gratitude are key to whole-hearted living. 

In 2019, she founded Atlas Book Club, a company focused on children's books that help all kids see themselves represented in the books that they read, and to travel the world through these books.

While Bunmi has had a vast legal career from working in the private sector to the White House under the Biden administration, writing is her passion. When she is not practicing law or working on Atlas Book Club, Bunmi is baking, traveling, and writing stories that fill the heart and move the spirit.


She lives in Maryland with her husband, her three children, and a devoted Black Russian terrier named Shadow.  Stay in touch and join her newsletter.

Bunmi Emenanjo Author Kirkus Starred Review

Best New Picture Book

American Bar

Association Journal


100 Outstanding Children's Books 2024

Kirkus Starred Review




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Bunmi brings a global outlook and an invitation for us all to be more actively engaged in (my words) building community. This was clearly not just a presentation but an expression of how she moves through the world and is an example of what is possible when we are open, present and connected to what is possible when we work/dance together. Cheers to a new way of being.

RJ Jennings
Executive Coach and Leadership Embodiment facilitator

Bunmi has an extraordinary gift of synthesizing complex issues around race and equity into easily understandable conversation. Her insights into the neuroplasticity of the brain, as it relates to pre-disposed racial prejudices was fascinating. Her premise that we can alter our thinking based on the topics we expose ourselves to and how that relates to our personal choices, particularly with social media, mass media and even film viewing selection demonstrates that we can be our own algorithm masters.

Judy Kimmel
Kimmel & Company



Bunmi Emenanjo is a dynamic presenter with a palpable passion for cultivating cultural awareness and competence in the classroom and beyond. At the 9th Annual Africa and Middle East Children's Literature Workshop, Bunmi gave an enlivening presentation colored with powerful stories drawn from her experiences as a mother and educator, accompanied by relevant statistics that underscored the urgency of her work as a writer.  Her tips and strategies on using her children's book, "I'll See You in Ijebu" are valuable for both educators and parents.

Howard University

9th Annual Africa & Middle East Children's Literature Workshop

“'I'll See you in Ijebu' is a book that teaches readers about Eid al-Adha, while enchanting them with a special story. A young girl is in a car on the way to Baba’s house in Ijebu. It takes a long time to get to Baba’s house, so readers know this isn’t a frequent trip but a treasured journey to be with loved ones. Once there, it is the smell of Baba rising “slowly from his seat…his scent of native black soap and mothballs” that surrounds the girl in an embrace she wants to remember. In the beginning, readers are transported to a hot, sweaty traffic jam with the smell of “crunchy dundun and sweet puff puff frying” that makes the girl’s stomach growl. This humanizing moment—loud and embarrassing and funny, all at the same time—is relatable for readers, who will automatically be enamored from this point. Emenanjo writes like a veteran, with words that cling to thoughts and resonate with all the senses: the sounds and smells linger. VERDICT A story to be read again and again. Good for the entire family, and a must-have for middle school libraries.”

Christina Paolozzi

School Library Journal


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